Reinventing footwear and accessories for the modern man & woman

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Having risen from Los Angeles, in the year of 2012, from a predilection to music, a ponderous spirit in search of the moment,
often appearing in the low tide sands, the first contact with water, in Topanga Canyon motorcycle rides, a novel discovery did
certainly present itself. This is it. Upon first glance, one notices the craft, the fine art, the sinews. In longer sessions, thoughts
arise. The mission is examined. The declaration is freely spoken, to take a stand in the creation of handsome goods, it is rightly
believed that said goods must originate from handsome materials. As such, eliminated is the use of living souls and skins, to make
the proper clearing for revolution to catch hearts and plant seeds in the many who are rising Now, to the shore’s uncertain edge,
ready to leap fully Now into the crashing water and declare that freedom, beauty, and love be given infinite, plunge under the
next wave, in sea spray emerge, see the celebration on the shore. This is it. This is the celebration.


Krže Intro by Leila Kerze, Kickstarter Campaign, Spring 2013

Who We Are
Krže Studio is a Los Angeles based design studio specializing in modern footwear and accessories.
Our entire collection of shoes, handbags, and accessories, is handmade by artisans in Italy. We are
committed to offering the highest quality creations without causing harm to the environment or others.
Krže Studio’s collection is entirely vegan, with an ardent focus on using the most technologically
advanced, eco-conscious, and green luxury materials in the world.

What are you doing here?
You are here to pre-order shoes from our premier all vegan collection. This is a Crowd-Funding
website. When we reach our order minimum, we will make the shoes. You don’t get charged until we
reach our goal.

How do I share?
Click the ‘INVITE FRIENDS AND EARN’ button, share the campaign and receive a style for free!